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Explaining the odds

January 07, 2015


When it comes to betting, every bettor is wise man. “I will back Southampton in next home match”, could one say. After answering the questions: “What are the odds?” with “They say 1.5” and “How confident are you?” with “60 percent!” – something is wrong with a lad.


Merseyside football triangle of 2014

January 07, 2015

It is just a few days after 2014 ended, where we experienced a major impact of strange football switch that happened the year before. All happened on a local axis close to Mersey river: Wigan-> Everton -> Manchester United, arguably having been triggered by famous Sir Alex Ferguson retiring from football management.


Patrik Elias – a chase for milestone completed

January 07, 2015

Patrik Elias

This NHL season is so far a chase for milestones. Slovakian power wing Marian Hossa at first accomplished his 1000th point, with only 3 active players ahead of him in this statistic. Later on, for a long time undervalued Martin St. Louis did the same and very recent, Patrik Elias finally did the same.