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BETVIZ changes betting from a gut geeling to verifiable facts! | Helping tipsters succeed!
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BETVIZ changes betting from a gut geeling to verifiable facts!

Posted by Tomáš Molnár


It’s essentially a matter of personal preference how tipsters choose a match  to bet, but in general all of them repeat the same steps. Tipsters read news reports, team statistics and consider other issues such as injuries, weather forecast and  inside information about teams.

Almost everything looks great, previews from professional analysts are brilliant, but the results in the long run are still the same. Tipsters are losing money.

For example the professional preview for match RomaUdinese was Pick under 2,5 (Real result 3:2) with this description on it:

Roma is a team that keeps possession and gives very few chances to opponents, especially at home, while Udinese on the road is not exactly a scoring menace, especially lately. On the other site, even with Totti, Roma does not look too dangerous up front right now and they should struggle even more to bring the ball ahead without De Rossi, Strootman and the two defender.”

Where is the problem?

This kind of fundamental analyses are very subjective and we have nothing verifiable, nothing real, nothing graspable. On the other hand Betviz solves this problem and brings new approach to betting industry. In general Betviz strategy tool provides useful information for tipsters how a certain betting strategy has performed in the past so punters can learn and save a lot of time. Why?  Because  if the strategy hasn’t worked in the past, it probably won’t work in the future either

Why it shouldn’t work? Betviz strategy tool simulates the strategy on real historical matches and odds, and provides all important answers for punters.  Such as winning rate of strategy, average winning odds and average yield.

Ok, let´s go to some practical examples

Head-to-Head Records

Looking at head-to-head statistics is perhaps the most common indicator used by tipsters, but is it really so important and helpful? For example, if Team A won 9 of 10 last matches  against Team B, what  can we expect  in the next match between those two teams? Quick answer could be “Team A wins”. However, a quick test using Betviz may show you a completely different answer. Betviz strategy tester takes a view over the history and fetches out all matches played between teams where Team A won 9 of 10 last matches in given season.

Betviz creates statistics over those matches so you will know, how many times Team A actually won in this particular strategy setup. More importantly you will know if this light-weight approach would make you money.

Team Motivation

It is highly important but perhaps one of the most difficult things to measure. Does a team need more points? What is the table position of the team? Will Team A finally win after 4 losses in row? Can favorite beat outsider after 2 wins in row? Can a team achieve the first point after 5 losses in row? These are the key questions for tipsters around the world and Betviz, as one of the few, provides valuable information how tipsters can handle series and motivation.

Using Betviz you can test all kind of series and find the secret way to beat the bookmakers and their odds.

Strong team against outsiders

What is better? Betting on favorite teams or on the underdogs? Tipsters tend to put their money on the favorite most of the time, but is it a profitable approach?  Betviz database includes more than 300.000 historical matches and you can easily test where the value is hidden.

Humans have an extraordinary capacity to rationalize any position or opinion they want to believe in, even when sufficient data exists to disapprove it, but this is not the case of Betviz.

Betting is not an exact science, but looking to the past we put a very strong weapon in hands of punters.


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