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Dropping odds – story of its own

June 15, 2015


Any slightly experienced bettor can see odds dropping. Sometimes with clear reason (missing an important player) and sometimes because of *black magic*. Especially second case causes often poor judgements and eventually, wrong decisions. Dropping an odd has always its logical cause.


Changing The Manager – Fooball Analysis

June 05, 2015

There are many changes in managerial roles in football. We will focus in this analysis on how recent managerial changes in huge football leagues changed the results of the team.



Value Betting as an Investment

June 03, 2015


When it comes to betting, lots of bettors are unsure about how to quantify their chance of winning a wager. Some of them might say: “if my ticket has combined odds 5 then the chance is 20%. But I feel a little more confident”. If you are unsure if this approach is correct or not, take a sit and read following lines carefully.


High Odds That Make Bookies Confident

June 01, 2015



(Angelos Charisteas (first from left with white shirt), scoring Greece’s winner against Portugal in the final at Euro 2004)

Everyone involved in betting knows about this – some events are just ridiculous and nearly no one believes they will happen.


4 of the Worst Football Injuries Ever

May 21, 2015


„A sound mind in a sound body” – that’s what the latin aphorism says. It seems to be true for most professional sportsmen, football players included; healthy body – check, healthy spirit – well, at least as far as sports go..


Dominance of the giants: Champions League focus

May 13, 2015


UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League


Quite recently, UEFA has published a fine piece of paper – its Handbook for 2014/2015 [1]. At first, I must say it’s kind of reading you fall in love with: full of stats, numbers and so on.


Gianluigi Buffon – Juventus’ defensive maestro

May 12, 2015




Gianluigi Buffon was born on 28th of January, 1978. He has played for 2 teams, (both) Italian – Parma and over the last 15 seasons for Juventus. He is considered to be one of the best goalkeepers ever.


Building a betting model

May 05, 2015

Building a betting model 

What is a betting model?
Which type of betting do we focus on in this tutorial?
How can I make profit from betting?

How can I quit job and make money solely/exclusively from betting entirely?

You will find all the answers in the slideshare below!