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Patrik Elias – a chase for milestone completed

Posted by Tomáš Molnár

Patrik Elias

This NHL season is so far a chase for milestones. Slovakian power wing Marian Hossa at first accomplished his 1000th point, with only 3 active players ahead of him in this statistic. Later on, for a long time undervalued Martin St. Louis did the same and very recent, Patrik Elias finally did the same.

But why to focus on Elias and what does it have with betting?

His teammate in New Jersey and Czech Republic, Jaromir Jagr is also secretly chasing milestones, but on totally different level. Both Jagr and Elias are slowly losing the pace, strength and… points that their team desperately need. But shockingly Elias is losing all more rapidly.

Patrik Elias, soon to be 39, has dramatically dropped his form this year, having couple of minor injuries on his back speaking for themselves. Desperate playing, chasing 1000th point nearly half a year and artificially prolonging his career, has indirectly caused poor New Jersey Devils form.

Speaking in numbers, his point ratio per game dropped from last season’s decent 0.81 point per game to 0.53. Few years back he used to be in +/- statistics ending somewhere about +20 per season. This year his crisis can be easily said by recent number: -14 after just 32 games. If that was any other player in the world, he would be sent to AHL. But if NJD will fail to qualify for playoffs, we know who to blame first.

In overall, Jagr is not doing particularly well too. New Jersey will have troubles in few months when these tired players, including another elderly player Scott Gomez, start to lose their breath.


In general, realistic prediction is that NJD will not have enough power to qualify for playoffs with Elias ending his NHL chapter soon.

Or is there going to be a twist?


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