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RB Leipzig: the reign of sponsorship | Helping tipsters succeed!
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RB Leipzig: the reign of sponsorship

Posted by Tomáš Molnár


RB Leipzig is a relatively unknown but modern football club, based in Leipzig, Germany. Looking at the Club logo, one might see a reference to the club’s financial background. Contrary to what you might expect, though, RB stands for RasenBallsport, not Red Bull, but that´s just because of Bundesliga´s regulations. The Club has advanced a lot lately, having bought big name players and being promoted to 2nd Bundesliga last season.


RB Leipzig-RB Salzburg-RB New York

RB Leipzig-RB Salzburg-RB New York

Red Bull supports several sports projects. Many regular football spectators are surely familiar with Red Bull Salzburg or Reb Bull New York clubs, both of whom enjoy a higher level of recognition than the Leipzig team. So, why write about Leipzig? Simple – Bundesliga.

Bundesliga = magnet of interest

Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga are two competitions that attract football world. Average attendances in Bundesliga in 2014/2015 season were a stunning 43000 visitors per game! In 2nd Bundesliga there is also serious interest in football– over 17000 visitors per game. That all gives reasoning for Red Bull to start their project. Previously, the energy drinks concern was trying to make a breakthrough in Austria (homeland of Red Bull) or in the USA. It turned out that in Austria the first league´s level is even below that of 2nd Bundesliga in Germany and in the United States there is a lack of football fever that was expected in recent years to happen.

Leipzig – a city like no other

Leipzig is a big city located in the eastern part of Germany (close to Berlin or Dresden) that once lacked a proper football team. True, there is not a lot of good football happening in the region as a whole for many reasons. But, alas, one issue – the space – has already been solved; Leipzig can use the huge Red Bull Arena (recently renamed from Zentralstadion for obvious reasons) for playing. The Red Bull Arena has a bigger capacity than for example Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge stadium, which provides solid ground for generating profits and for the club to shine.

The club’s future

If the current club’s strategy of training as many players as possible as well as acquiring quality players persists, we can look forward to a success story. Theoretically, in three years’ time, the club can play on the same level with the likes of Hertha or Hoffenheim. But, according to Red Bull, there are even bigger plans for the club. Let’s see then!


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