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Swansea City – Jack to a King | Helping tipsters succeed!
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Swansea City – Jack to a King

Posted by Tomáš Molnár

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Swansea City is just one of a few Welsh teams playing in English football structures. Another notable teams are Cardiff City, Newport and Wrexham. But what makes a difference between Swansea and the rest? It must be the progress that Swansea made. How suddenly a mediocre team became an industry leader.Let’s introduce a short story of a recent dream coming true.


League Two – takeoff from 4th league

It was back in 2005 when Swansea City A.F.C. was playing 4th level in English football. Team finished 3rd, got promoted and moved into a new big stadium. The story just began that year.


League One – warming up for top football

After promotion it was clear no-one in Swansea wanted to stay on safe spot, playing respected 3rd level of English football. Being co-owned by supporters it turned out that drive from inner circles was making a positive impact on players, fans and therefore results too.

In the first season of being a part of League One battle, Swansea was tearing opponents’ defenses apart. Having scored an amazing 78 goals in 46 games was a maximum that year. Unfortunately, team finished 6thand failed to promote to Championship. But they were pretty close!

The following season was nearly a copy-paste scenario of the previous one, but another season – 2007/2008 showed total domination and determination of the team. Swansea won the campaign by a 10 points margin. League Championship was awaiting the old pals.


League Championship – 2nd level of competitive football in England

*Teaming up* result-wise with another Welsh team resulted in finishing just one position below them. Rivals from Cardiff city were having different level of players those days – totally above Swansea’s budget levels. Ending 8thwas something team felt great about. But there was still some room to improve.

Team was scoring enough, playing attractive football, but on the other hand, they were conceding far too many goals for a team that wants to get promoted. So target for the next season 2009/2010 was clear – stabilize and prepare for the promotion battle. Unfortunately, team forgot how to score goals, having netted just 40 times in 46 games. A good point is defense was solid rock – only winners from Newcastle were conceding fewer goals. Stabilizing defense and finishing on solid 7th spot was something fans should have celebrated the whole summer of 2010. Stability was giving solid promotion prospects. Unfortunately, mid-May saddened the whole club. A promising striker, Beslan Idrizaj passed away at home, aged only 22.

But machine shook off and next year Swansea’s got promoted to Premier League to start living their dream! It was also Brendan Rodgers’ brilliancy as a manager. This achievement basically meant Liverpool job for Rodgers and another famous name Laudrup was on the radar as replacement. Such glorious days for a small Welsh town!


Premier League – a big chunk for small dog?

Seeing the report above, Swansea is not ending anywhere below first half after getting promoted and has capability to instantly become a contender of any of the leagues they participate in.

Winning League Cup back in 2013 opened to former underdogs an entirely new world – Europa League and clashes outside British Isles.


Europa League 2013 – 2014

Winning League Cup was a celebration of all the hard work. It also gave Swansea the chance to prove they were strong and better than other European teams.

Qualification – easy ride against Swedish and Romanian outfits

3rd qualif. round Swansea City 4–0  Malmö FF home4–0 away0–0
Playoffs Swansea City 6–3  Petrolul Ploiești home5–1 Away1–2


Group A table – successfully left Russian and Swiss teams out in the dark

Team Played W D L GF GA Pts
 Valencia 6 4 1 1 12 7 13
 Swansea City 6 2 2 2 6 4 8
 Kuban Krasnodar 6 1 3 2 7 7 6
  St. Gallen 6 2 0 4 6 13 6


After being able to qualify into knockout phase, team lost to Napoli 1:3 in aggregate. That was the chunk Swansea is not able to swallow even now. But who knows if this is the maximum level for the team?

Future of Swansea City

It turns out that former player Garry Monk (that was all behind this story, playing since 2004 until 2014 in the club), is the right guy for the job. Swansea is not just a manager, it is also the community, the vision and the determination. It is a true example of how a practically unknown club can become globally recognized within just a single decade.


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